10 Tips for Choosing the Right Bridesmaid Dresses

You probably have your dress, now it’s time to find your bridesmaid dresses. There is no better way to draw attention away from your wedding dress than by having a poorly coordinated bridal party. Finding the perfect dress for your bridesmaids can be almost as tricky as picking the wedding dress itself. From dealing with various personalities to different taste preferences, the process can be difficult. Ask yourself the following: What types of dresses will your bridesmaids want? What shapes flatter their bodies? What colors and fabrics coordinate with your wedding style? Do you want all your bridesmaids in the same color, style, fabric? We share ten smart tips to make bridesmaid dress shopping as smooth and fun as possible.

1. Consider your bridesmaids’ budgets

Try to look at styles from the point of view of your bridal party and ask yourself: Would you gladly pay that much for a dress you probably won’t wear again? Find a style without breaking the bank entirely. Luckily, bridesmaids today have a variety of gorgeous options at reasonable prices, such as the online shop PickedDresses. PickedDresses is the largest wedding online shop in Canada, with a wide selection of stunning wedding dresses and modest bridesmaid dresses under one roof. They offer their collections at up to 80% off the retail prices for unbelievable savings. Take a look at Bridesmaid Dresses Canada :

Chiffon A-line Scoop Neck Floor-length Lace Bridesmaid Dresses
Chiffon A-line Scoop Neck Floor-length Lace Bridesmaid Dresses
Chiffon Sheath/Column Sweetheart Floor-length Pleats Bridesmaid Dresses
Chiffon Sheath/Column Sweetheart Floor-length Pleats Bridesmaid Dresses
Chiffon Empire Sweetheart Floor-length Pleats Bridesmaid Dresses
Chiffon Empire Sweetheart Floor-length Pleats Bridesmaid Dresses

2. Take a look at your own dress

Think about your gown and overall wedding style. Is it classic, modern, vintage? Your bridesmaids’ dresses should fit the vibe.

3. Pick a unifying element

Whether you’re pro matching bridesmaid dresses or not, something should tie your bridal party together. One aspect of your bridesmaids’ look— the color, neckline, or fabric— must unify the group. This could even be a surprising add-on accessory like a shrug or bolero.

4. Coordinate your fabrics

Choose a fabric for the bridesmaid dresses that complements your own.

5. Choose a length

Not all of the dresses need to match, but they should be the same length.

6. Select a style that flatters

We’ve all heard about brides that dress their bridesmaids in unflattering gowns so they don’t outshine the bride, but if you want great wedding pictures, you’ll want to choose dresses that make them look good. Choose silhouettes that work well with your bridesmaids’ body types. No matter how fit or beautiful your bridesmaids are, not every dress style looks good on every woman— ask them in advance if there are any particular necklines or silhouettes they find to be unflattering. Jersey fabric and straps fit well on petite women, a flowy empire waist allows for extra tummy coverage. Think about the complexions and hair colours of your bridesmaids when choosing a colour, and bear their body shapes in mind when looking for styles.

Chiffon A-line Sweetheart Short/Mini Pleats Bridesmaid Dresses
Chiffon A-line Sweetheart Short/Mini Pleats Bridesmaid Dresses

7. Alter as needed

Your bridesmaids should get their dresses tailored to their bodies. It may cost a few extra dollars, but it is better than having a poorly-fitted dress.

8. Check out dresses yourself first

Find a dress you like yourself before you ask for your bridesmaids’ input. While it’s important that you ask your bridesmaids’ opinions before you settle on a dress, including them in the process right from the start is only going to make the decision harder. Find a dress you like, e-mail them a photo and ask for feedback. Listen to their comments on your initial choice and take it from there.

9. Listen to your bridesmaids

At the end of the day, you don’t want unhappy bridesmaids. If a friend is giving you flack about her dress, try to work with her as much as possible. Is the fit bothering her? Does the dress cost too much? It’s really up to the bride, but how about a compromise? Give your bridesmaids the opportunity to share their honest opinion about what they wanted in a dress. You want to be open to your bridesmaids’ suggestions; conversely, it’s just as important for bridesmaids to understand that their dresses are part of the bride’s overall vision of their wedding day.

10. Make the dress reusable

Traditionally bridesmaids pay for their own dresses, but if you are sticking to this rule you should really find a dress that they can wear again. Look for colours that suit multiple occasions such as black, gold, green or brown, rather than shades of pink or lavender. Stick with simple, sleek styles such as empire waists and A-line skirts rather than ball gowns with puffed sleeves.

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