How to find the perfect Maternity Wedding Dress

formal dresses NZYou are getting married and you are pregnant. Don’t worry, it is possible to find a maternity wedding dress that is flattering and looks great on your D-day. Looking gorgeous on your wedding day when pregnant is quite easy because there are plenty of maternity wedding dress styles to choose from.

The shape and the style of the wedding dressBefore looking for your maternity wedding dress, you should first determine how far along you are going to be on your wedding day.This is going to affect the shape and the style of your wedding dress, and what size to get. Thus, you can determine the size of the dress as accurately as possible. Then you must decide if you want to to accentuate your baby bump or if you do not want to stress the fact that you are pregnant. If so, you may go for a looser fitting.

You also need to check with the shop the lead times on ordering because you want to order as close to the mark as possible to make sure you are getting the correct size.

You can choose, ideally, a traditional empire line which is great because all the detail is at the top of the dress and the fabric should sit nicely over the bump. The empire gown is the most popular style of maternity wedding dresses. The waistline of this dress is located right under the breasts so the attention can be easily drawn away from the belly. This style is an excellent choice for brides who are in the first half of their pregnancy. When choosing an empire line, make sure you are buying off the peg, that it is a maternity dress. You also need to make sure there is going to be enough fabric catered for in the pattern over the bump, and also to make sure that the length is correct.
Brides who are pregnant in their last trimester can go for a pleated wedding gown. Even though this type of dress is not normally an ideal choice for full-figured women, it works perfectly for pregnant brides because it emphasises the belly. For brides who really wish to show off their baby bump, body-hugging sheath dresses are an ideal choice.

Another style suitable for brides who are not looking too pregnant yet is the A-line dress, which may minimise the appearance of a swelling belly by drawing the eye up to the top point. For a touch of classic elegance, pregnant brides may also opt for Grecian styles because their flowing appearance looks great around a baby bump.

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Always size up: Usually, it takes four to six months to get your wedding dress once you order it, which means your belly will have grown exponentially by the time you finally slip into the gown. To ensure a proper fit, you will have to carefully study sizing charts provided for the dress you are considering. The general rule of thumb is to add an inch to each measurement for each remaining month of pregnancy from now until your wedding date. Once you do the math, see where you end up on the designer’s sizing chart and order a dress one size larger. This way, you can gauge your body’s changes closer to your big day and alter your dress accordingly.

Fabric : You also need to consider fabric. A structured fabric over a pregnancy bump is not so ideal because it will stand away and make you look fat. We suggest using a more fluid, slinky fabric which frames the bump beautifully and is not disguising it.

Embrace extra panels and corsets : Don’t freak out if your final fitting day arrives and your dress is too tight. There’s an easy solution: panels and corsets.

Wedding shoes : You should choose your shoes wisely because they need to be comfortable on the big day, especially if you are in your last trimester. Most women experience feet swelling during pregnancy, so it is important to have a spare pair of shoes ready for this eventuality. A good idea would be to buy two identical pairs, one in the regular size and the other a size up. High heels should be avoided, especially in the last trimester, because they may be very uncomfortable and not flattering. It is best to go for a pair of stylish low heels that provide plenty of comfort and work well with the dress.

Accessories : When it comes to accessorising a maternity wedding dress, brides should avoid bows and chunky jewellery, as these may make them look bulkier than they are. V-neck style dresses are great for accentuating the cleavage and they can be enhanced with thin necklaces. Another thing to consider for wearing a maternity wedding dress in style is the bra because this can actually make a dress look better or destroy its look. Pregnant brides should opt for bras that offer good support for the upper part of the dress. If strapless bras are not an option in the case of maternity bras, brides should make sure the bra straps are hidden under wide shoulder straps.


Although choosing a maternity wedding dress may seem difficult, with so many styles available on the market, it is possible to find a flattering gown. Maternity wedding dresses are available in high-street stores and online. You can find great and cheap wedding dresses uk online. Besides, looking for a wedding dress online requires a minimum of effort.


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